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The Sege Law Practice is dedicated to providing well-rounded and experienced legal representation and advice to media and technology companies of all sizes.

Over the years, major law firms have increasingly cultivated most of their attorneys to become specialists in narrow areas. This leaves even the most sophisticated clients without the type of broad-based counsel who can identify the range of exposures before they become losses, bringing the right legal resources to the right legal tasks at the right time at the right cost. Ask us how we can serve as general counsel for your company or complex project. Understanding your needs, exposures, objectives, and budget, we often integrate specialists from larger law firms into our deal or dispute resolution teams. We will run and manage your legal projects in a way that is the most transparent and predictable, functioning as part of your executive team.

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Alan Sege, Esq. CEO

Mr. Sege brings over 20 years of diverse experience as independent and general counsel to well-established corporations. Mr. Sege has handled and overseen a diversity of strategic projects and matters ranging from contract systems automation to complex mergers and acquisitions, as well as patent drafting and monetization projects, dispute resolution, executive contracts, consumer protection analysis and litigation, class action resolutions, public policy and public affairs, state Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and Federal Election Commission matters. Mr. Sege’s clientele and transactional practice spans the globe and he regularly negotiates and drafts multinational contracts. He has served clients who are leaders in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, computer systems and software, Internet content, private equity, venture capital, clean energy, startups and financial services and media companies.

Mr. Sege received his law degree magna cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center, and his undergraduate degree, with honors, from Oberlin College.